Football in Schools

Franklin United has visited schools in the Franklin community to deliver the NZ Football 5+ programme. This has been made possible through Kiwisport funding and has been a huge boost to the sport, enabling us to get in front of hundreds of children and showcase football.

Our programme is led by Andrew Dempster and a team of quality footballers and coaches.  Our team includes, Franklin United First Team players, Liam Whiter, Jake McCoy and Kartik Kumar, plus football coaches Lucy Carter and Tracey Morling.

To book a Football in Schools session, please contact our Community Development Officer, Andrew Dempster, at community@franklinunited.nz

Franklin United in the Community with KiwiSport

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Our Main Sponsors

Franklin United is very grateful to the sponsors of our football club – their invaluable contributions help to keep costs down for our members. Please acknowledge our sponsors’ generosity and support their businesses where you can.