NRFL is proposing to introduce a Northern Regional Football League (NRFL) Youth to provide a regional competition to develop the most talented domestic footballers, referees and coaches and provide a pathway to national and international honours.  If this goes ahead as of 2020 13th and 14th grades will be part of this new landscape.  This means that if Franklin United are successful in getting our teams into this division, our players will be playing teams from the Northern Football Fed and the Waikato/Bay of Plenty Federation.  Read on…

To have our teams entered into this division, Franklin United must have obtained the National Y Criteria – Regional Youth League Club Licence. We have been working proactively on this.  Obtaining this will allow our players a ‘protected status’ and move the culture away from being results focused, e.g. where they finish in the table, to developmental focus.

The criteria is divided into four categories (we have a copy and will bring to the meeting):

  • Infrastructure Criteria is aimed at ensuring that clubs have adequate stadiums and training facilities for all matches and training sessions.
  • Sporting Criteria is aimed at identifying and increasing the number of footballers and coaches in the region while improving the experience for youth players at club level.
  • Administration Criteria is aimed at encouraging clubs to appoint individuals to key administrative roles in order to increase the level of professionalism.
  • Financial Criteria is aimed at assisting OFC and NZF with understanding the financial capabilities of the clubs, while safeguarding the continuity of club competitions.

As part of the Sporting Criteria of the Regional Youth League Club Licence, a club will need to meet the required standards of the NZF Skills Centre Programme and NZF Talent Development Programme (FUYA).

If a club does not meet the National ‘Y’ Criteria, they will need to meet the requirements below:

  • Must have a Playing Philosophy and Team Model
  • Maximum squad size of 18 players
  • Must have 10/18 home grown* players in 2020 and 12/18 in 2021.
  • Head coach must hold a current OFC/NZF ‘C’ Licence OR equivalent OR higher.
  • Head coach must hold a valid Fit4Football 11+ Injury Prevention Certificate.
  • Head coach must be police vetted.
  • Must have one person at each session and match who holds a current first aid qualification.