For Waiuku AFC volunteer, Melissa Tauroa, her involvement in football began when her son started play as a 5 year-old, where he took up the roll of ‘that kid’ – following behind the pack of kids with the ball. Three of her four children are playing this season and her favourite club without a doubt is Waiuku where she donates her time and energy to help where she can.

Ten years ago Tauroa put her hand up for the Club Secretary role, she asked if it was a big job and was told: “no, not really”… “I think they lied” she commented. Regardless, last year Melissa decided to take on the Senior Club Secretary role as well. A move that was warmly welcomed by the Club.

“This woman is truly amazing,” commented Waiuku’s Director of Football, Shane Thomas.

“Mel is endlessly busy with keeping the admin side of our club going.

“Not only does she sort out all of our registrations and the problems that come with that (My Comet in particular) she also helps to allocate players to teams, sorts out coach’s needs, does all of our police vettings, and just generally answers all of the questions that she is bombarded with on a daily basis!”

Melissa considers herself to be organised and a bit chaotic at times.

“I always seem to have so much to do. However, there is a method to my madness. I am a people person and enjoy interacting with others, and boy can I multitask.”

Not only does Mel keep the Club running from behind her keyboard, but she can also always be found down at Club on weekday afternoons and both days of the weekend, helping out where ever she can and always walking around with a huge smile that just sets the tone for any match day games and training sessions.

“Mel is a true superstar and I personally would love to see her get the recognition that she deserves,” said Thomas.

Tauroa is a passionate football fan. “I love every aspect, I love the atmosphere of the Club and the people in it. I love that we are a family orientated Club and I enjoy watching my children play” she said.

As well as her children, Melissa’s two sisters, son-in-law and brother-in-law all playing for Waiuku – making it a true family affair.

Asked what motivates her to continue to offer support to the Club, Melissa said: “The people, making a difference, feeling important, getting kids involved and seeing them have so much fun.”

Her advice to anyone looking to get involved is to “Give it a go, come and be part of an awesome team.”
Melissa’s other sporting interest is badminton and she regularly plays 3 times a week. And outside of sports, her children and her beautiful granddaughter (who we are told is a real treasure and loves to hang out with her nana) are her world. Melissa is looking forward to working with her eldest son Alan with the Special Olympics where he is coaching football and she is managing and being part of another great team.
From the entire team at Franklin United and Waiuku FC, we salute you Melissa Tauroa – its people like you that make the magic happen!