Well done to the first team who got their third win of the NRFL season last weekend against Albany. Albany are a good footballing side especially at home, where they have been particularly hard to beat over the last few years. It is always pleasing to come from behind to take the win and the whole club enjoyed the experience and is backing each and every member of our squad. Confidence will be building in our young side – this takes time and I want to focus this week’s blog on taking small steps in search of the big picture.

I finished a book at the start of the year called The Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen. A really good read. It is human nature that when you strive towards your goal, whatever it may be, that once you get to warmer waters of success, without realising it or thinking about it, people stop doing the things that got them there. Naturally, people start to get comfortable once they think they have reached where they want to be and stop doing all the positive actions that came about because they were focused. At Franklin United, it is important to keep helping our players and coaches right across the club to keep striving for their dreams. But it is vitally as important to keep reminding ourselves how important it is not to take your foot off the pedal.

The art of doing this is taking small bites instead of trying to reach the end goal as quickly as possible. If you focus on making an improvement every single day, by the end of 12 months you will look back and wonder how you got there – but the fact is you got there. Imagine improving a little bit for 365 days. You won’t even notice the improvements as they will be so simple. In fact it would be extremely easy to overlook them. They are not big things that take huge effort, they are not heroic or dramatic. Successful players will make that little improvement every day. Unsuccessful players will look at the things they need to do and say “it won’t matter if I miss training today – it’s raining!!!, I’ll get back into it tomorrow.” The problem is they never build up the consistency which is needed to continually improve. The simple things that lead to success are all easy to do. But they are just as easy not to do. Hey it is just a cheeseburger. What’s all the fuss? Simple daily disciplines – little productive actions, repeated consistently over time – add up to the difference between success and failure.

Here is a little test for you to try. If you were given two choices…

  1. Have a million dollars cash put in your bank account
  2. Put one dollar in your bank account and give it the ability to double every day for a month, e.g. Day 1 = $1, Day 2 = $2, Day 3 = $4 etc.

…which choice would you make? The big prize or the small step in the right direction every day? Which one will help you realise your dreams?

You want big results. You want big results – that is good – then just focus on the little things on a daily basis. Think of when you first started to learn how to walk. As a baby – what a milestone. First you start off lying on your back 100% of the time and then you think to yourself bugger this I’m going to learn how to crawl. But hold on now that I am the right side up everyone around seems to be walking. Let me try!!! Get up fall down, get up fall down. Ouch that one hurt. Small improvements on a daily basis will take you to your goal over a period of time. Daddy look at me I’m walking.