Another season has rolled around again. I remember when I was coaching a long time ago now – in the days when we had to walk to the football pitch in our bare feet. There was a thing called a summer break. Those days have gone and everything keeps progressing. Certainly at Franklin United we continue to progress. We have had a very exciting summer. We have introduced a new coaching group at the senior level with Tracy Wrigley taking on the Head Coach Role and appointing Leo Berlim and Jason Oliver in her team. Ben Fletcher, whom is the Academy Director of Football has come in to the Under 23 space alongside Scotty Petersen (Spocka) as we continue to focus on pathways for our community. I have personally watched the group come together over summer and into preseason and I am really excited about the year ahead and the players that have signed up for another year in our family.

Franklin United is proactive when it comes to progression. Progression does not necessarily mean results as we like to focus more on the quality and style that our coaches want to play. We want to enjoy our season and ensure that everyone involved learns something. And can take something away from the experience so that we can continue to progress again next year.

Speaking on progression, we can welcome Tuakau SC to our Franklin United family, which already includes Pukekohe AFC and Drury United FC. We welcome Digby Cameron and his team to help us succeed with our vision of creating a sustainable platform for talent development in our community.

We of course welcome Cambridge to our grounds this weekend, which happen to be at the Drury Sports Complex. This is a place that we love to play because the club and its people have been very supportive of what we are trying to achieve. Today we want to get out on the pitch and do our best for them. So they can see that we think they are worth fighting for. Our departed Franklin United family member, Devon Andrews, has come back to his old stomping ground. He is a great centre back and I hope he has told his new coach this is where he normally plays and that he doesn’t mess him around by telling him he plays up front.

Good luck to Pukekohe AFC, Drury United FC, and Tuakau SC in their respective games next weekend and the weekend after. It is great to see the buzz of a new season and the amount of activity it brings to our football fields.

I was going to say good luck Franklin United but we make our own luck